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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Second Day

Good morning, my 2 lovely subscribers (so far!) First, I have to mention a super sweet giveaway on another blog I follow, hanielas.blogspot.com. She is giving away a $55 gift certificate to the csn store. Check it out!! It's a great blog and what I can only hope to be eventually!!
Well, my baking has been curtailed a bit this week - my poor daughter has bronchitis! So between antibiotics, cough syrup, and breathing treatments, she's keeping me plenty busy!
But I do have several new dinner recipes I am trying this week!
Thursday I am trying chicken with Dijon sauce.
Friday will be a Camembert cheese pasta.
And Saturday will be Southwest Cream of Chicken Soup.
I am pretty excited about all of them and I'll be keeping you posted on how they turn out. (If they turn out well, I'll then post some pics and the recipes.)
Hoping to be able to squeeze in making a batch of cake balls (red velvet cake and cream cheese icing filling, covered in chocolate. They've been a hug hit every time I've made them - and my mom's co-workers keep asking her to bring some in for them to try!)
Be sure to check back in soon!


  1. Thank you for the shout-out Cakegirl.
    I'm sure you'll do great with your blog. Can't wait to see your new adventures.

  2. Thanks Haniela!!!! And thanks for joining! Can't wait to get moving on this - I will get the hang of it eventually! ;)

  3. Oreos and Nutty Buttys work great for those cream chees truffles as well. I love the oreo with Dark chocolate, Yum!