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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Okay - I Lied!

Not about anything serious, mind you. Just that I thought I was done posting for the day, but when I was perusing some of my favorite blogs, I was inspired to shout out to a few of my favorites and tell you how great they are and that I think you should visit them too (they are definitely way more interesting that mine right now, and I also love to share things I enjoy, whether it's food, recipes, or books - don't get me started on books, though. That's a whole other post!!!!!)
So here is a list of some of my favorites and why I love them:
Haniela's : Not only was she super gracious for helping me out, she has beautiful pictures, yummy recipes, and a layout that is just classy and elegant.
Confessions of a Cookbook Queen : She is flippin' hilarious!! Every time I read one of her blogs, it brings a smile to my face. Not only does she have super yummy recipes, she tells great stories!!
Bakerella: One of the first blogs I started reading! Not only does she make super fun treats, she seems like a very kind and gracious lady! (LOVE her book too !)
Bake at 350: Again, beautiful pics and great recipes, and another to make you smile. Like her blog today about salad...I was worried she was getting all healthy on us....and it was a beautiful dessert salad with Snickers bars in it - my kind of salad!!!
The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle : Her pics just wanna make you go out and start making cookies even if you've never done it before!! She is also someone who pours out her heart and soul, and I love reading her posts!!
Tidy Mom: Okay - here is what I aspire to be!! I would love to have my stuff together like Cheryl!! Amazing ideas, fun things to do!! Love it!
Glorious Treats: Talk about amazing pics!! She doesn't just have adorable food on here!! Check out the parties she has done!! It would be a total fantasy of mine to have her do a party for my daughter!! Just incredible!!
Sweetopia: The very 1st blog I ever read!!! Marian makes the most amazing creations - I was just completely dumbfounded when I stumbled upon her site! I had never seen designs like that on cookies before!! Totally amazing!

Okay - I've given you quite a homework assignment - so get to work!! I promise you will enjoy these blogs, even if you curse me later for getting you addicted!! (and promise you'll still come back and see me - after viewing these, you may never come back to lil' old me! lol) And did I mention that a lot of these wonderful ladies do giveaways on their sites........just sayin'. ;)
Happy Blogging!


  1. Those are some pretty amazing blogs!


  2. THank you for the mention. Yes indeed those are some of my favorite blogs too.:-)

  3. I agree....those bloggers are all full of talent and continue to provide inspiration for me too!!! They are all my favs!

  4. Hey I found you from sweetopia's post on facebook! Looking forward to following ur adventures! I work at a preschool as well only full-time. Check out my blog. foodie/sweetie here too! :-)

  5. Hello Cakegirl! Congratulations on entering the wonderful world of blogging. So much to learn and I'm happy you're a part of it. Best of luck and I look forward to your posts!

  6. Oh wow.....I am so honored to be part of that amazing list of bloggers! Thank you! So nice to "meet" you! :)

    Happy baking!

  7. Thank you so much for adding me to your list of favorite bloggers. I am definitely honored and in good company.

    :) Have an awesome weekend!!